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4 Gits and a Guitar Block Buster - The Movie (12A)


Merseyside is a troubled place for most men (of a certain age).The exception is one ‘Buster Brown'.Women just adore him. The unhappy men need to banish Buster from the region. Enter 4 Gits and a Guitar! They'll run him out of town!Or will they? So let the fun begin!

The Main Cast: Michael Starke, Stan Boardman, Crissy Rock, Billy Butler, Micky Finn, Ricky Tomlinson, Paul McCoy, Charlie Lansborough, Lesley Butler, Kev Seed, Sean Styles, Daniel Taylor, Gary Murphy,Billy Kinsley, Stephen Barlow-Linder, Asa Murphy & Little Ken, Roy Evans, Howard Kendall, Herbert Howe, Stan Metcalfe, Charlie Newport, Tom McManus, Dave Graham, John Mitchell, Sandra Collins, Joan Turner, Kenny Parry, Gary Brown, Albie Donnelly, Billy Kinsley, Neil Tudor, Ozzy Yue, Dave Dover, Kenny Farrell, Howie Minns, Terry Steers, Dave Goldberg, Keith Mulholland, Paul Ryan, Linda Mitchell, Sheree Kenton, Dave Bainbridge, Mike Kanteen, Bobby Lawson, Simon Scott, Thomas Kennedy, John Bailey, Juan Carlos Osorio, Rob Carney, Speedo Mick.



"A hilarious romp of a Spoof Movie - The Farcical, Ludicrous plot blows a massive hole through the Blockbuster Ethos - Pure Entertainment...” Joe Scott, Director/Screenwriter

"It's a great local achievement and a touching story.” Billy Butler. M.B.E. (Mrs Butler's Eldest)

"Expect the unexpected. A film full of local talent filled with laughter and fun. A feel good film that will still have you laughing long after you leave the cinema.” Joan Turner, Playwright

"An adventure of laughs and memories with characters and famous Merseyside faces which brings a smile to your face.” Asa Murphy, Radio Merseyside

"This hilarious film will have you ‘BUSTING' your sides with laughter... a cast of many famous Liverpool personalities... join Buster and the gang as they take you on a journey you'll never erase from your memory!..” Lesley Butler, Actress.

All the ticket proceeds from this event will be donated to Brain Tumour Research at University of Liverpool. If you would like to donate, you can do so here:

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