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The Stones - The Greatest Tribute to the Rolling Stones

The UK’s No.1 and most authentic tribute to The Rolling Stones, bringing all the hits and timeless tracks to the big stage - from ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Jumping Jack Flash’, to ‘Ruby Tuesday’, ‘Start Me Up’ and ‘Brown Sugar’.
With all the energy and charisma of The Rolling Stones themselves, ‘The Stones’ pay an accurate and faithful tribute to the sound and look of an authentic Rolling Stones show.
Far from being simply ‘look-a-likes’; though ‘The Stones have the closest Mick Jagger look-alike on the scene, the group also pay great attention to the sound and feel of the music, all performed with the same accuracy, passion and verve of the originals.
Complete with authentic vintage instruments, costume and mannerisms, the members of ‘The Stones’ are all experienced musicians in their own right, and since forming in 2007, ‘The Stones’ show has grown into a full scale Rolling Stones Concert.

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