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The Legend of Ned Ludd

The Legend of Ned Ludd

Machines can make our work easier. They can also make it vanish overnight. The Legend of Ned Ludd is a powerful new play about work, automation and capitalism’s impact – a show for anyone who’s ever put in a hard day’s graft.
Join us at the Everyman for this daring production – a weaving of stories from around the world in which we’re all at the mercy of The Machine. Because there’s a Machine at the heart of this play, and it has the power to choose.
With 256 possible versions written, rehearsed and ready to perform, The Machine will select what we see – live, on the night, right in front of our eyes. From the Luddites’ nineteenth century war against new technology through to London, Liverpool, Lagos and beyond – or wherever The Machine decides – The Legend of Ned Ludd takes us on a whirlwind global commute.
But will we survive when our work, and our worth, are under threat?

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