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SynBia is a FREE live performance work realised through the interaction and collaboration between various expressive mediums: digital sound and visuals, acoustic musical instruments, and motion capture of a dance performance. These mediums are presented not as distinct artistic expressions complementing each other, but as an amalgamation of cultural disciplines within an obligate interdependent system.

Wearable motion sensors act as the link between dancers and electronic musicians, with the performance manifesting as a feedback loop where sound and movement are continuously influencing one another.

The performance aims to highlight the emergent properties of interdisciplinary interaction in reference to the biological phenomenon of symbiosis. The modes of interactivity mutate between mutualistic and parasitic relationships, referring to the balance of expressive range allocated at each moment between sound and movement and their respective practitioners, which further affects the level of determinacy from the resulting audio-visual material, ranging from predetermined choreography to free improvisation.

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