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Potato Milk

Potato Milk

Creatively captioned, packed with scousisms, and poking fun at the only group it’s socially acceptable to be sly to (cis-het men), this brand-new comedy has been collaboratively created by a group of emerging disabled artists, with one key goal: to have a f*ckin laugh.

Polly wants to be polyamorous, but they want Gem to just be theirs.

Ben wants to shag men, but in a totally hetero way.

Jo wants community, but she’s only ever been able to fit in by pretending. And Gem?

They really wanna finish this 1000 piece puzzle.

Potato Milk weaves together the lives of these polyamorous, queer, vegan-wannabes trying to make sense of a heteronormative, homophobic, lactose-filled world.

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