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Love It If We Beat Them

Love It If We Beat Them

What is power without principle? And what are principles without power?

It’s Spring 1996, Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United are riding high in the Premier League and Tony Blair’s New Labour are gathering pace.

Hope is in the air, and victory seems within reach.

Len, a long-term hard-left activist, has decided to run as a candidate for local Labour MP. But, the arrival of Victoria from Manchester as New Labour’s front-runner throws a spanner in the works.

With loyalties tested and tensions reaching fever pitch, the winning team will be decided in an explosive head-to-head challenge…

Set against the backdrop of the infamous Premier League season when Newcastle United almost won under the management of Kevin Keegan, Love It If We Beat Them is a new political drama, written by Rob Ward, that explores a time of significant change in the identity of North East communities and perfectly captures a moment in recent history that defines who we are today.


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