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What's On at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Pete Price Holds Court

Wednesday 17 April - Wednesday 5 June 2024
Liverpool's legendary entertainer and Radio City talk show legend, Pete Price goes back to his roots as compere extraordinaire of a classic variety night! Pete welcomes some of the Royal Court regular cast as well as well-known faces from ...

Beyond A Joke

Thursday 18 April 2024
Back the budding comics standing up for charity. Have you heard the one about the gutsy amateurs taking tips from the pros to try their hand at stand-up comedy - to help save lives? Well, the punch line is that it's true, and it's coming t...

Boys From The Blackstuff

Royal Court
Friday 19 April - Saturday 11 May 2024
40 years after Alan Bleasdale's ground-breaking television series was essential viewing, Stockroom and Liverpool's Royal Court are delighted to present an unmissable, powerful new adaptation by James Graham, writer of the hit BBC series She...

Boss New Plays

Friday 19 - Saturday 20 April 2024
Liverpool's Lantern Writers have been working steadily with the best of the city's acting talent in recent years, providing an opportunity for new theatre voices to be heard on the Merseyside stage. Expect two very different nights of theat...

The Independent Socialist Republic Of The Upper End Of The Lower Breck Road

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Thursday 2 - Saturday 18 May 2024
The Independent Socialist Republic Of The Upper End Of TheLower Breck Road "Change will only come through the barrel of a gun." Chairman Mao "Put that down or you'll hurt yourself" Chairman Mao's mum Peter Ryan MP has run an authentic, hone...

The Netherley Hillbillies

Royal Court
Friday 24 May - Saturday 22 June 2024
Barbara Phillips has struck oil with a brilliant new comedy about what happens when life-changing money lands in your lap. The grass might be greener but the gardener is terribly expensive. Come listen to a story 'bout a man name Jed,  F...

Alison Spittle

Friday 24 May 2024
Comedian du jour Alison Spittle is simmering with jokes and probably rage, she doesn't know what the burning sensation is. This silly goose has appeared on Off Menu, You're Dead To Me, Guilty Feminist, The Gargle. She's the co-host of BBC S...

Stephen Bailey

Saturday 25 May 2024
Comedian, presenter, actor and writer, Stephen Bailey is a fiercely proud Mancunian, working class, gay man and he's back with a brand new live show, CRASS. From a working-class background in Manchester, six years working at Sainsbury's, m...

Making It

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Monday 10 - Saturday 22 June 2024
Backstage in a faded Liverpool social club, seasoned cabaretdiva and aspiring actress, Bev, prepares for her final ever gig. While she awaits a life-changing phone call, Bev takes us ona hilarious journey through her rollercoaster of a care...

Variety Film Club: The Beverley Hillbillies (1994)

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Thursday 13 June 2024
Variety Film Club The team behind Variety Lunch Club have hatched a new plan so that you can come and have an afternoon out with friends while watching some of the greatest films ever produced. You can book a £7.50 ticket which gets you a ...

Sisters Of Mersey

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Friday 5 July - Saturday 3 August 2024
Sister Petra and Sister Brenda have grown up in St Elmo'sConvent in Dingle as identical twins but Monsignor Michael has some shockingnews for them. They are not twins at all! If you look closely you can tellbecause they look completely diff...

Pauline Daniels - Get Me Before The Crematorium Does

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Tuesday 9 July 2024
Join me, Pauline Daniels, for an evening of laughter and song to kick off my birthday celebrations! With 44 years in the business I thought it about time I put a bit of a show together and I'm hoping you can join me for a good night out. We...

The Giant Killers

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Thursday 11 - Saturday 13 July 2024
The inspiring true story of football's greatest everunderdogs. Set in the early years of Association Football, The Giant Killersfollows a ragtag bunch of Lancashire mill workers who defied all odds to becomethe first working-class team in t...

Eddie Fortune

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Saturday 20 July 2024
Single, 40 and living back with his Mum. Eddie has a history of failed relationships. He has done it all, he has dated thatcher loving Tories, evil math teachers from Dudley, ginger spiritualists and even slept with someone dressed as a Cra...

Harry Baker

Friday 26 July 2024
Described by BBC Radio 1 as "Simply put... The greatest performer on earth", World Poetry Slam Champion Harry Baker's heart and humour has been watched by millions online and allowed him to perform all over the world, until suddenly he coul...

Lost Soul 2

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Friday 16 August - Saturday 14 September 2024
Dave Kirby (Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels, Lost Soul, Council Depot Blues, Reds & Blues) is back at The Court with the smash hit sequel to Lost Soul! Smigger's having a mid-life crisis. All he wants to do is roll back the years and dance to ...

Variety Film Club: The Commitments (1991)

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Thursday 5 September 2024
Variety Film Club The team behind Variety Lunch Club have hatched a new plan so that you can come and have an afternoon out with friends while watching some of the greatest films ever produced. You can book a £7.50 ticket which gets you a ...

Girls Don't Play Guitars

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Friday 27 September - Saturday 26 October 2024
The five star musical that shook 2019 is back! "One of the strongest shows the Royal Court has produced" ????? Liverpool Echo  "A celebration of optimism through music and life-long friendship." ????? Wirral Globe In Liverpool in 1963...

Part Vampire

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Saturday 28 September 2024
"Part Vampire" is an exhilarating musical comedy that features Phil Jones, the renowned lead singer of the cult Liverpool band "Afraid of Mice". In this new production, Phil adds a comedic twist to his performance, sharing the stage with h...

The Scouse Red Riding Hood

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Friday 8 November 2024 - Saturday 18 January 2025
Little Red is off her head. Her nan's in bed and the wolf's not fed. With a pan of scouse and a loaf of bread, she's off to the forest where the woodsman led.  What's that noise? It's the sound of the Royal Court Christmas show coming stea...

Royal Court Stocking Fillers

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Thursday 5 - Sunday 29 December 2024
A show that is fast becoming a Christmas tradition, we are delighted to welcome Stocking Fillers back to the Studio!  Seven brand new ten-minute festive plays to entertain you at the most wonderful time of the year!  A merry mix of comedy...
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