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Live/Wire - The AC/DC Show + Fu Fighters

For Those About To Rock presents....Livewire the AC/DC Show V's Fu Fighters.

AC/DC, arguably the greatest rock band of all time, are brought to life by Live/Wire with the true passion you would expect from professional musicians who share your love of this legendary live act. They deliver a critically acclaimed High Voltage two hour rock ’n’ roll set with not only cannons and a full bank of Marshall amps but a journey that takes fans from one of the best-selling albums of all time ‘Back in Black’ through to the 2020 release ‘PWR UP’, with a healthy dose of the classics from the Bon Scott era.
Fu Fighters, a band formed in 2012 by Foo Fighters Fans for the love of the band and their music! Experienced musicians with a passion to recreate the sound, stage presence and performance of the legendary American rockers Foo Fighters. All of the Foo Fighters studio albums, from their massive self titled debut album all the way up to Medicine At Midnight are given the live treatment by this band. They perform the songs with an energy and passion that only true fans could.

Live/Wire - The AC/DC Show + Fu Fighters Tickets

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