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The Rabbit Is Me (Das Kaninchen Bin Ich) (15+)

Directed by Kurt Maetzig  Starring Angelica Waller, Alfred Mueller, Use Voigt, Wolfgang Winkler, Dieter Vienna.  Maria Morzeck is 19 years old and works as a waitress. Her ambition was to study Slavic Studies and become an interpreter. But because her brother Dieter was sentenced to three years in prison for “seditious agitation”, the state did not allow her to study.  Maria falls in love with a much older man Paul Deister, before learning he was the judge who sentenced her brother. She discards the initial intention of using the relationship in Dieter's favour, wanting to keep love and the case separate. But she wants to know the whole truth from Paul. When the prematurely released brother finds out about the relationship, he becomes violent. She moves out of their shared apartment, determined to fight for her place at university.    This film will be introduced by Dr Richard Millington, Senior Lecturer in German at the University Of Chester.

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