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Shakir Khan and Shahbaz Hussain

Enjoy a classic staple of Indian music, the sitar and tabla, with a mesmerizing performance by Shakir Khan and Shahbaz Hussain.\n Shakir Khan is a prodigiously talented musician and one of the foremost sitar players in India today. His exquisite sense of melody and rhythm, coupled with his alluring stage presence, quickly captivate audiences, making his performances both inspiring and astonishing. While he has worked on international fusion projects, Shakir is most renowned as a highly skilled repository of one of the world's oldest and greatest classical traditions.\n Joining Shakir on stage will be the UK's very own tabla maestro, Shahbaz Hussain. Shahbaz is widely regarded as one of the finest tabla artists in the country, with a reputation for his exceptional skill and artistry on this iconic percussion instrument.\n Together, Shakir and Shahbaz will take you on a musical journey through the rich and vibrant world of Indian classical music, with the intricate interplay of the sitar and tabla creating a truly magical and unforgettable experience.\n ?\n 9% administrative fee applies for online & telephone orders.A ?2.50 postage fee is applicable on all orders if opting for postal delivery.More information about booking fees

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