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Moulettes Acoustic

Stretching the boundaries of expectation as they move between Cellos, classical & steel string Guitars, Viola, Piano, Violin, Harp, Percussion & harmony vocals, be prepared to question all you think you know about the traditional chamber ensemble! This is eclectic music for Indie, Experimental, Folk and Classical lovers alike; a delicious interplay of dramatic orchestration, big riffs, string baths & kaleidoscopic lushness.\n Through this daring ensemble, Moulettes explore the resonant beauty of these acoustic instruments with ambition, ingenuity and poise. Choosing to play in-the-round wherever possible, the crowd encircle the band, close enough to become part of the sixth-sense synergy that makes ensemble playing so magical to witness.\n ?Huge, complex and compelling.One of the most thrillingly nimble musical ensembles the UK has produced in decades. Lead singer must be a national treasure soon? ??Prog Magazine\n ?A cross between Pentangle, Kate Bush & early Pink Floyd"???Reuters\n ?Swirling songs & folk fusion. Moulettes don?t fit easily into any musical category. Prog folk & psych-folk with added classical & rock influences. Immaculate & thrilling female harmony vocals and unexpected instrumentation. This is a compelling and original band.? ? The Guardian\n "Radical! A charismatic and revolutionary new approach to songwriting. Moulettes are continuing to break the mould [...]?and provide proof that experimental and original music can be both critically successful and popular? ??Louder Than War\n \n 9% administrative fee applies for online & telephone orders.A ?2.50 postage fee is applicable on all orders if opting for postal delivery.More information about booking fees

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