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Kaleidoscope Company Presents: Finding Joy

Kaleidoscope Company, the first disability-led theatre company in the city, perform their brand new show: Finding Joy “Doctor, Doctor, I'm feeling blue” “Well, Mr. Peter, there's only one thing to do: Go and find joy, that's the quick fix you'll be right as rain in no time and up to your old tricks”  Peter is on a quest, but where is joy? Join him on this bonkers journey through the maze of life, expect squirrels, a nutty professor and some fluffy fun.   The Kaleidoscope Company is a collaboration from RAWD (Random Acts of Wildness Disability) and Storyhouse. RAWD is a company dedicated to helping disabled people grow within the arts. The performers are members of the community who have been working weekly since March 2023 to devise, create and rehearse this brand new show!    To access free essential companion tickets you can sign up to our access register here. If you need any extra help with your booking, please email our ticketing team –

Kaleidoscope Company Presents: Finding Joy ON TOUR

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