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Brìghde Chaimbeul Ross Ainslie and Steven Byrnes

Award-winning piper Br?ghde Chaimbeul, musician and composer Ross Ainslie, and Irish guitarist/drummer Steven Byrnes team up for an innovative instrumental collaboration showcasing the Scottish smallpipes.\n Br?ghde Chaimbeul and Ross Ainslie, two established award-winning musicians in their own rights, started working together four years ago, focusing on double C smallpipes. With this new trio including Steven Byrnes (bouzouki, guitar), they play material from all around the world ? music not conventionally heard or played on the Scottish smallpipes.\n Their new album, LAS, features mesmeric, plaintive tunes alongside ecstatic, uplifting grooves from France, Scotland, Bulgaria and Ireland, as well as original compositions.\n 8% administrative fee applies for online & telephone orders.A ?2.50 postage fee is applicable on all orders if opting for postal delivery.More information about booking fees

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