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A Rubbish Midsummer Night's Dream

Fairies. Goblins. Donkeys... Super soakers!?
After last year?s smash-hit Romeo and Juliet, the Rubbish Shakespeare Company return to Shakespeare North Playhouse with more magical family-friendly fun.
Four idiots, wearing bed sheets as togas, attempt to stage Shakespeare?s mischievous masterpiece in under an hour, using only a box of pound-shop props, a camel onesie, a pair of lightsabers and a ladder they found by the bins. They fail miserably, but with hilarious results!
Described as ?like Horrible Histories but funnier? (Primary Times), this interpretation of the ?Dream? puts the laughs back into Shakespeare?s comedy. Featuring clowning, physical comedy, plenty of wince-inducing slapstick and interactive storytelling, this high energy production is a ridiculously joyous, participatory event.
And it?s far from rubbish!
Rubbish Shakespeare Company are a family friendly theatre company that specialise in making Shakespeare fun, relevant and accessible to young people and families.
Critically acclaimed, they have toured theatres and schools for over a decade. This enchanting all-ages play is a true family show, and the perfect introduction to Shakespeare (or even theatre itself!)
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